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Q: Which colors are most flattering for a larger body? If I am a plus size, do I really need to wear a dark-colored suit to look slimmer?

A: Of course, it is a given that darker colors and prints are going to be the most slimming and flattering for any body type, but darker colors are often not the most flirty or fun. If you crave the minimizing effects of a dark swimsuit but would still like a fun look, we recommend a swimsuit in a deep shade of red or blue. These colors are naturally concealing and slimming. If you’d like to try some lighter colors with your suit, try an allover print pattern rather than solid pastels. A print will draw less attention to unflattering characteristics.

Q: I love the sexiness of white swimsuits, but I can’t seem to find one that is not see-through. What do I do?

A: White swimsuits are incredibly cute and sexy, but they can pose slight problems in appropriate coverage (especially if you plan on actually swimming in your white swimsuit). Fortunately, there are white swimsuits that are appropriately lined so as to remain opaque, even when wet. When buying a white swimsuit, you will want to find a suit with a solid, double-layer lining. Avoid mesh linings in all circumstances. To tell if a white swimsuit will remain appropriately opaque, place your hand inside the suit and hold it up to the mirror before debuting it on the beach. If you can see your hand through the suit, it may be dangerous.

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