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2006 Swimsuit Fashions

Q: What colors and styles are in fashion for the 2006 season?

A: If you are looking to be in vogue this summer and are more interested in the style than the functionality of your swimsuit, then here are a few of the summerís latest trends:

One-piece cutouts: The fashion runways have been overtaken this year with models sporting sexy one-piece swimsuits with strategically placed cutouts from the nationís top designers. It seems every designer from Gucci to Rosa Cha has created one of these new, sexy suits. Cutouts range from revealing center splits to missing sides, as well as everything in between. Sexy and revealing as these new swimsuits are, however, every strap is designed to stay precisely where it should.

Sporty, fun details: Details are all the rage on this summerís new bikinis. You can find bikini bottoms with fun belts or ties, as well as bikini tops with all kinds of buckles, ties, and gathers. Have fun and indulge your personal style this year with summerís wide variety of swimsuit details.

Swim skirts: Remember the days of childhood when you loved your little girl swimsuit with the ruffled skirt attached? If you ever think back on those days with fondness and a little envy, you can now gain a little of your childhood back with the new line of swim skirts for summer 2006. These cute skirts come in every variety, from ruffled to A-line, and are designed to both flatter and conceal your hips and butt. Could summer 2006 be a flashback to the 80s? We hope so.

Bright, fun colors: This yearís swimsuits are coming in every color and variety, but it seems that bright, confident colors are more in vogue than ever. Have some fun this year and display your beautiful body in a bright blue, pink, or green suit. And, if you cannot decide between the great selections of bright colors, purchase a couple of swimsuits and update your look each time you visit the pool or beach.

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