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Q: Will overall coverage provide the best and most flattering fit in a swimsuit?

A: The answer to this question is no, not necessarily so. You will definitely want to have adequate coverage in whatever swimsuit style you choose, but there reaches a point when a swimsuit can have too much coverage. After all, we do not want to regress back to the days of heavy woolen swim dresses. Just imagine the smell and the weight! Concerning fit and coverage, here are the top three swimsuit tips:

  1. Never go with a bikini or tankini top that does not provide enough support for your bust. Sagging, unsupported breasts are simply unnecessary in the days of halter tops and bandeau tops. You can definitely find a top in one of these styles that is sexy and revealing, yet still adequately supportive.
  2. Never wear bikini bottoms that are too small. Tight fabric and thin straps will only result in bulging, an occurrence that is never attractive. If you are starting to bulge, be honest with yourself and go up a size or switch styles.
  3. Never choose a suit that covers too much. Swaddling yourself in layers of fabric only makes you look bigger. Feel free to be sexy and fun with a low-cut neck and a high-cut leg in your swimsuit. These features alone will shave off 10 pounds.

If you keep these tips in mind when shopping for a swimsuit, you should be able to find a suit with the most attractive, sexiest fit for you.

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