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Q: How do I find a swimsuit that makes my hips look smaller?

A: In order to draw attention away from your hips, try drawing attention toward a more flattering area of your body. For example, accentuate your great bust or sexy shoulders with a V-neck style bikini top in an exciting pattern. An exciting top will naturally draw eyes away from your hips. You should also consider pairing a lighter, more colorful bikini top with a darker bottom. The darker bottom will result in a natural slimming effect and drawing attention toward your shoulders and bust. The best tip for finding a flattering swimsuit bottom is to look for a bottom that sits directly on the hip. Try to avoid a suit that sits too high on the hip, as this type of fit will have a widening effect. Donít go too extreme, however, and choose a bottom that is cut too low on the leg. This type of cut will have the effect of shortening the legs (never a good feature of an attractive swimsuit). Finally, avoid any features that pare down the waistline (such as a dark waistband). These features will have a widening effect of the hips.

Q: How do I avoid bulging out of my cute bikini?

A: Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences in life is buying a cute bikini that you have been dreaming about, thinking about it all winter long, and then debuting it on the beach, only to notice that it cuts into your skin, causing unsightly bulging all over your body. To avoid this horrible scenario, you should first look for a bikini with wider straps. As cute as thin straps are, they do have a tendency to cut into skin, resulting in bulges. You should also pay careful attention to the cut of the bottom. If you are at all self-conscious about your butt or are worried about bulging out of the bottom, a full or rio cut will provide more coverage and look more flattering. You should avoid Brazilian-style bottoms or other bottoms that do not provide the right amount of coverage. Most bikini bulges are a result of the wrong style, not the wrong size.

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