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Washing Your Swimsuit

Q: How do I take care of my suit to make it last as long as possible?

A: Swimsuits are difficult pieces of fabric. They must be designed to stay in place when swimming but maintain a level of comfort on the body. They must also be designed to withstand constant dippings in chlorinated water (somewhat akin to soaking a suit in bleach every day). No swimsuit can hold up forever under the conditions of chlorinated water, but there are certain things you can do to make sure your swimsuit lasts as long as it remains fashionable. First of all, you should always rinse out your suit in cold water after each use. This practice will remove much of the chlorine from your swimsuit before it has a chance to do any permanent damage. When washing you swimsuit, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the particular fabric, but avoid the dryer. Try to dry your swimsuit flat, just as you would any other delicate garment. The dryer has a tendency to give swimsuits a frayed, faded appearance over time. Also, if you snag your suit on the wood of a lounge chair or the concrete siding of a swimming pool (as is bound to happen), be sure to apply a bit of clear nail polish to the snag as soon as possible. Nail polish will stop the snag from spreading any farther and help to ensure that your favorite suit lasts throughout the summer season.

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